Thursday, December 29, 2011

Conversion of Bishop Nympton Parish Registers completed

Although a few days late (completed 27 December), the Parish Register for Bishops Nympton has now been converted from the word document to the excel document. Now begins the long task of proofreading the excel and word file. I will have them up simultaneously so that I can make corrections to both. Since I went to the trouble of initially doing a word by word accounting of the parish register it only seems logical that I should correct this document as well as the excel file.

Unfortunately, my husband had another fall and had to be dashed off to hospital by ambulance again on Tuesday. I spent the entire day with him at the hospital and fortunately the problem was quickly resolved (new drug conflict) and we were back home again at 9:45 pm. having been picked up by our daughter and son in law. It has been wonderful having everyone here for the week after Christmas although they head home now in order to get ready to go back to work next week. Our older daughter remains with us another couple of weeks doing research before she returns to teach once again.

I believe that I will start tomorrow to proofread the documents. I would like to accomplish that by the end of January although that might prove to be too short a time. I will have to see how the reading goes.

I am trying to decide about my commitments for next year. I am tempted to back away from absolutely everything in order to be free to assist my husband as needed. I do not want to commit to anything very far in advance which will have its difficulties. I shall consider that over the next couple of weeks.

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