Saturday, December 10, 2011

Home again

I arrived home again from Milwaukee and my almost two week stay with our eldest daughter. Lovely weather and beautiful scenery walking along Lake Michigan.

Bishops Nympton excel file has moved along and I am now at 4372 baptisms (end of 1767) , 768 marriages (end of 1754), 3593 burials (end of 1767) and 21 banns (a short period of time prior to 1754). Surprisingly there are nearly 700 more baptisms than burials bespeaking a very healthy community at Bishops Nympton and environs. There may be a few more entries as this register's microfiche are very mixed up by years. Once I am into the 1800s the register follows the years but prior to that one flips back from the 1700s to the 1600s and the end of the 1700s to the beginning of the 1700s. It will be very nice to have a sortable file and I will give it to Genuki Devon once it is proofread. I may also send it off to Free Reg as well to put up on line.

No surprises for any of my families lines as I extracted all that information a long time ago now. What might change is how I see some of the collateral family lines to my own direct line. I transcribed these fiche at the beginning of my genealogical researching so that the proofreading is very much needed. As I get towards this time period though the transcriptions are probably more precise. I started to transcribe before taking the Palaeography Course. That course itself greatly speeded up m y transcriptions and smoothed them out.

Other than the Bishops Nympton file I haven't really looked at genealogy for a couple of weeks. I am at page 336  of the 876 page file (adjusted for our new printer). I like this printer as it shortens everything.

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