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Parents of Nathanael Lambden, Brick Wall Number 7

Brick Wall Number 7: Parents of Nathanael Lambden

Nathanael Lambden doesn't appear very often in the records but he signed the marriage registration of his daughter Elizabeth and Isaac Farmer. Isaac Farmer also neatly signed this marriage registration. Elizabeth, however, did not sign but made an X. It is possible that Nathanael was a wheelwright at Woodhouse in Andover but his parentage is somewhat of a mystery. The spelling of his name Nathanael might be a clue and there is a baptism for a Nathanael Lambden 26 Jul 1724 at Bradfield, Berkshire son of John Lambden and Joan Baruttine (married 11 Oct 1721 at Bradfield). When Nathanael and his wife Sarah baptized their children they were named: Nathaniel, John, William and Elizabeth. The children of John and Joan Lambden all baptized at Bradfield: Nathanael (1724), Sarah (1727), Mary (1729), John (1733), Benjamin (1736), Joseph (1739).

I have not yet persued the original record of the Berkshire baptism but the Lambden family is most prevalent in Berkshire in the earlier records (looking at the Public Profiler the most frequent location for Lambden in 1881 was Berkshire and secondly in North Hampshire/Wiltshire). Later records find this family at St Mary Bourne, Hampshire (larger in numbers than in Andover) but no Nathanael found there. Interestingly, Elizabeth's brother Nathaniel Lambden married Catherine Cook at Hurstborne Tarrant 8 Oct 1794 and they named their sons: Nathaniel, William, Thomas and John. This family lived at Hurstborne Tarrant.

Again this brick wall could come down with a more dedicated pursuit of the Lambden family in Bradfield and discovering if Nathanael was a wheelwright as mentioned in another website.

Elizabeth (Lambden) Farmer was my 3x great grandmother and she lived to be 96 years old. My grandfather mentioned her when I was a child as she had died in 1862 (baptized 16 Mar 1766 at Andover) and by 1875 when he was born they must have still been talking about her long life. Her daughter Ann had married John Blake and Ann in her widowhood had lived right next door to my grandfather and likely was the source of many of the stories that he passed on to me about his Farmer/Lambden family. I do not clearly remember if he said that Nathanael was a wheelwright. That memory is too vague - I was just eight years old when he died.

The oldest records for the Lambden family in Berkshire date back to the 1260s. But I have not seen this family researched to any great extent. Until I can actually link back to John and Joan Lambden as the parents of Nathanael, I am brickwalled at this point. It would appear that this family has taken its name from a property known as Lambden.

This website points to a farmhouse known as Lambden at Englefield, Berkshire. Englefield is just 1.9 miles from Bradfield.

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