Sunday, October 26, 2014

10th Most Difficult Genealogy Brickwall in my lines

Getting back to blogging hopefully daily and I decided to do a challenge I have noticed on other sites.

My 10th most difficult genealogy brickwall and I will work my way down to my biggest brickwall.

Brick Wall Number 10. Parents of Mary Davies

Mary Davies married Augustine Siderfin 29 Apr 1720 at Cutcombe Somerset England. I really know nothing about her other than that. There is a Mary Davies daughter of William Davies baptized 24 Nov 1700 at Yatton Keynell, Wiltshire (this is 63 miles from Selworthy so I am somewhat ambivalent about thinking that this would be the Mary Davies who married Augustine Siderfin). I am tempted to think that she could be from Wales.

Augustine Siderfin was a schoolmaster at Cutcombe and Wootton Courtney. He was buried at Wootton Courtney 1 Mar 1762.They had two children as far as I can determine - John baptized 14 Jan 1722 at Cutcombe and Robert baptized 23 Jun 1726 at Cutcombe. This is also verified by the family tree created by another research back in 1912 (History of the Siderfin Family of West Somerset by James Sanders, J.P., of South Molton, Devon, Exeter: W. J. Southwood and Co, Dynamo Works, 1912). Although he made an error connecting my family line in, the overall chart is quite good in terms of descendants of each individual line. He misconnected his own line actually.

But even another day of looking at the records fails to reveal the parentage of Mary Davies my 5x great grandmother.

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