Thursday, October 30, 2014

Genealogy Brick Wall Number 6

Brick Wall Number 6: Wife of Nathanael Lambden

It was a tossup which of the Lambden brickwalls would be 6 or 7 but Sarah is one generation earlier to me than the parents of Nathanael so she became my Brick Wall Number 6. I have known that Sarah was the wife of Nathanael almost from the beginning of my research. Odd times I have tried to find the marriage of Nathanael and Sarah but I haven't gone so far as to pay for the marriage CD for Berkshire. It could be that there marriage is on that CD. I do not find it on the Hampshire marriage CD which I do have. I suspect that Nathanael was employed at Woodhouse in Andover and possibly as a wheelwright. Why didn't he stay in Berkshire if he was native to Berkshire? That is a mystery that did not pass down through the family.

No hints for this surname as all the children have one forename only. They did not live long enough to appear on the census. I do not find that they married by license yet. The avenues for discovering her surname are very limited. No one is researching this family except for people that I know who are my cousins and also descendant of Nathanael and Sarah through their sons. They are also brickwalled with this marriage but they, like myself, have not been to Berkshire Record Office. Occasionally that thought is discussed as they live in England but none of us carries the Lambden surname and somehow they always end up on the backburner when research travel time comes along and we just do not make it to Berkshire.

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