Monday, November 28, 2011

Bishops Nympton Parish Register

My fifth day in Milwaukee and I have managed to get started with converting the Bishops Nympton Parish Register word file to excel. Mostly we have spent time enjoying American Thanksgiving which includes shopping. Black Friday we spent most of the day walking and enjoying beautiful weather here but also we went to the Milwaukee Museum which has a special Cleopatra exhibit. A wonderful exhibit and I highly recommend it if you are in this area. Saturday was a busy day doing some work my daughter needed doing.

Finally on Sunday we went shopping and it was quite busy. Since my daughter is away for my birthday in September she likes to take me shopping for my birthday present when I come in November. I had in mind a navy blue suit and we found a lovely one at the Boston Store. My daughter found some clothes that she wanted as well and so we had a very productive shopping trip. The roads were quite busy but traffic was flowing very nicely. This is a large metropolitan area with about 1.6 million people in total.

Now I shall begin my conversion in earnest hoping to accomplish as much of the 900+ pages as possible over the next week. With a big bite into it I should be able to accomplish it by Christmas. Then the proofreading comes next against the original register since I have never proofread the word file.

Doing a line by line transcription of the parish register can be quite revealing. For instance there are two marriages of servants of William Pincombe and no location is given but given there are no William Pincombes at Bishops Nympton in this time period who are adult then this is William Pincombe at Filleigh (son of my ancestor and brother to Richard my ancestor). He was by far the wealthiest of the seven sons of William Pincombe and Emotte Snow having inherited the property at Filleigh and East Buckland. My Richard was the fourth son and his holdings were all at Bishops Nympton. Possibly he held Park, East Week, West Week at Bishops Nympton and Gatcombe, Great Woods at Molland since these are the properties that can be traced back in my family lines.

Coming down from Richard, my William and then his son John were singleton land owners although William had a half brother John who held more property. My John had three sons and all the PIncombes at Bishops Nympton in the 1700s trace down from John Pincombe and Johane Blackmoore. The grandson John of this couple then was the father of all the Pincombe lines at Bishops Nympton and John Pincombe and his wife Mary Charlie/Charley had four sons with my Robert being the third son. The Parish Registers bear this out as do the land records.

Other than the Parish Register I do not have any plans for work whilst here in Milwaukee. I would really like to accomplish the conversion of this file by Christmas.

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