Sunday, January 18, 2009

Landkey Parish Registers - 18 January 2009

No work on the Landkey Registers today; probably tomorrow as we settle back into a regular "work" week. I received a request for information in the Bishops Nympton Parish Register so spent about 30 minutes dealing with that request. It was made a little spicier by the reference to my Vicary family at Rose Ash as being related to her family. I found the relationship back to be quite interesting as it raised the spectre of Alexander Vicary Junior being the son of John Vicary whereas I am fairly convinced these days that his father was likely Alexander Vicary Senior (likely brother to John). John had a very large family but he didn't marry until after I think that Alexander was born and there isn't a baptism for him although the register begins in plenty of time for his baptism to appear if he was John's son. I suspect that he was actually born earlier and the registers hadn't begun (or are lost!). Alexander Vicary Senior was churchwarden at the time that Alexander Vicary Junior was likely born. The marriages and burials begin before the baptisms.

I spent the morning working on emails - I seemed to have quite a few and they involved my giving a response. Then I decided to investigate a train trip to Carlisle and thence to Bewcastle by car. I had some really interesting responses from members of the Cumberland group and will tuck them away for later when we actually make it to England once again. We have some travel plans here though since we are in recession and I feel we should try to do most of our spending here to help Canadians.

Read some more of my very interesting book on "Mapping Human History" by Steve Olson. His discussion on language evolution was very interesting. DNA has certainly spawned a renewed interest in history and will result in people who do advanced research in history having a science background.

On to YOGA and then off to bed. I am sleepy!

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