Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Landkey Parish Registers - 28 January 2009

Completed the Landkey Registers up to 1685 and the number of burials continues to be quite high with christenings rather low. The difference between them now is 111 more christenings than burials in the time period 1602 to 1685. There are now 1083 Christenings, 467 Marriages and 972 burials up to the end of 1685. More than half of the infants that are Christened are dying in the first one to two years. Most of the other burials are the older members of the village.

We watched the next episode of the History of England series and this time we saw George III but mostly about his Prime Ministers and the evolution of the empire with an eye to trade with Walpole in charge and then the change that was wrought when Pitt was Prime Minister. It was interesting seeing the American Revolution from the British perspective. Being Canadian we really did not learn a lot about the American Revolution in school.

I have started on my presentation for Gene-O-Rama and it is only 30 minutes. I want to add some new material but stick pretty closely to just a couple of family studies that have evolved over time. The title is Family Studies and DNA. I do not want to discuss DNA or the mechanics of testing. This may be my last lecture as I find that it takes a lot of my time and there are others out there who could do just as well (or better :) ).

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