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Results of Research at Salt Lake City - 6 Jan 2009

After concentrating on the Bishops Nympton records for a week and the discipline of it, yesterday was a day of catching up and looking at lots of interesting bits and pieces. I want to prove all of my 4x great grandparents and I am starting to work down the list. These are my grandparents 2x great grandparents so I will be proving up to 64 people over the next little while. I started with my paternal grandfather. That means sixteen people to prove their relationship to my grandfather's great grandparents and to their parents my five times great grandparents.

Starting with my grandfather's paternal ancestors, the first two: Joseph Blake and Joanna King are quite straightforward as I have all the information needed to show the two relationships. The next two: John Coleman and Elizabeth Pearce are straightforward for John Coleman but Elizabeth Pearce is more of a challenge. They marry at Abbots Ann (not Old Alresford as is found on the IGI) as I have the fiche of the original register. Unfortunately no parent details are found for this couple in the marriage registration. John was baptized at Upper Clatford as it would appear that the Coleman family found earlier at Goodworth Clatford is no longer running the Inn there and his parents are buried at Upper Clatford. The interesting part about the Pearce family is that they ran an Inn at Abbots Ann but I am not sure of the relationship between Peter Pearce who ran the Inn and William Pearce the possible father of Elizabeth. William Pearce married Elizabeth Habgood at Collingbourne Kingston where she was baptized (daughter of Thomas Habgood and Anne Farmer (interesting detail!)) and their children were baptized at Collingbourne Ducis. I haven't found a baptism for this William Pearce or parents. I have nothing to go on with regard to this Elizabeth being the wife of John Coleman other than proximity. There were four Pearce marriages at Abbots Ann in this time frame and none of them state other than that they were "of the parish."

I am ordering the parish register fiche for Collingbourne Ducis and Collingbourne Kingston. I did look at these two parishes in Salt Lake City and have copies of the Poor Rate there and registers at Kingston. I will continue looking at this information today. Proving Elizabeth may take a while so once I have ordered the registers I will move on to the next couple: and they are interestingly enough John Farmer and his wife Mary. Isaac Farmer (an unusual forename) signed his marriage registration with a good clear hand at Woodhouse in Andover 16 Aug 1789. The Isaac Farmer that marries at Andover (Elizabeth Lambden) was not baptized at Andover (I have the fiche and have studied them for Isaac). The only Isaac Farmer that I have found to date was baptized at Collingbourne Kingston 6 May 1764 (matches his age at burial of 44 years in 1808).

Clearly I have not proven the connection between this Isaac my 3x great grandfather and John Farmer who is baptizing an Isaac at Collingbourne Kingston which is why the marriage between Thomas Habgood and Anne Farmer is rather interesting (great grandparents of Sarah Coleman who is the wife of Thomas Blake (son of Joseph mentioned above). This Anne Farmer married Thomas at Collingbourne Kingston. John Blake who married Ann Farmer at Andover is the son of Sarah Coleman. One of the daughters of Elizabeth Lambden Farmer (wife of Isaac) married Thomas Hawkins of Collingbourne Kingston at Andover one year earlier than the marriage between John Blake and Ann Farmer at Andover. Clearly this is not proof of the relationship between Isaac Farmer married to Elizabeth Lambden and John Farmer baptizing an Isaac Farmer at Collingbourne Kingston but it is certainly an interesting happening.

To pursue an answer I again need to look more carefully at the records of Collingbourne Kingston which I will continue to do today as well as ordering the fiche. Mary, wife of John Farmer, was buried in 1761 so could not be the mother of Isaac. He must have remarried but he too was buried in 1771 at Collingbourne Kingston. I shall try family reconstuction on his other two sons as well John b 1756 and Joseph b 1759 to see if that will help to link these families.

Since the Lambden family is also involved I will be looking at the parents of Elizabeth (my 3x great grandmother): Nathanael Lambden and Sarah his wife (surname unknown). I tried to purchase the fiche for the two parishes of Thatcham and Bradfield in Berkshire where there is a Nathan(i or a)el Lambden baptized in the correct time frame but this is not possible. I may purchase the transcription of the Bradfield register transcription from the FHS there and that one is very interesting as it has the Nathanael spelling which is the one which Nathanael Lambden used when he signed the marriage register for Elizabeth marrying Isaac Farmer. Having now traveled the roads in the area around Andover I can see it is quite feasible to see Nathanael marrying in Bradfield Berkshire and then traveling to Andover with his family to work for the rest of his life at Woodhouse as a wheelwright. All of their children are baptized at Woodhouse.

Looking at my paternal grandfather's maternal ancestors I know the names of all eight and I have the parents for six of them. This is my Dorset family line which begins with my grandfather's mother Maria Jane Knight who was born at Turnworth Dorset in 1850. More about them when I complete looking at my paternal grandfather's paternal line. Having so much information on the Dorset line is great as I am unable to purchase the parish fiche for my Dorset parishes. For the two that I am missing it will take a fair amount of digging to work their lines back I rather suspect. This is one of my collapsing lines as two of my 3x great grandparents (married) were first cousins.

As well today I want to continue looking at the Rose Ash, Merton, Landkey and Molland parish register fiche. Landkey proved interesting with the Walter Manning family baptizing children in the 1630s when Thomas (father of John Manning baptized 1655 at Landkey) could have been born (married to Elizabeth Upcott at Landkey in 1653). I want to have a longer look at that time period as some of the entries are difficult to read and perhaps have not been transcribed into the IGI.

At Rose Ash I want to look at the Vicary family; at Merton the Rowcliffe family and at Molland I continue to look at the Pincombe family there both in the 1800s when John and Elizabeth (my 2x great grandparents) lived there and earlier to see if there are other Pincombe lines there.

Another snowfall and it continues to snow here with a good wind. We are supposed to have 25 centimetres so the buildup begins that only sees an end with the thaws of late March and early April. Last year when we went to England 19th of April, the snow was still about 4 feet high in the front yard. I love the snow actually and we will try snowshoeing or skiing this afternoon. When it snows heavy it is usually a little milder here and then we go into a deep freeze for a few days which compacts it and builds up the ice on the canal. If you have winter; this is by far the best kind where the snow gradually builds up and you do not have the severe flooding that comes with the freeze, thaw, freeze cycles to the south of us.

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