Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Landkey Parish Registers - 20 January 2009

Continuing on with the Landkey Parish Registers, I completed another six years bringing me up to 1636 completed. New names do enter about one to four per year with some names disappearing. I now have 486 baptisms, 151 marriages and 388 burials. I have found only a few discrepancies with the IGI online but there are about 30 baptisms missing. The marriages agree quite well but the priest has added in the parish of the individuals that are not "of Landkey parish" which can be very handy. The burials are the real plus though as the IGI only has the burials of young children for the most part. I am still not seeing my Manning family any too frequently but the Upcott family finally appeared there. I am not sure that Elizabeth Upcott is from Landkey - I rather suspect she is from Witheridge but will need to do those registers to find that answer! I will soon see my Pincombe family there and hope to sort them out as Hugh is a sibling to my William Pincombe (6x great grandfather). All of his children were baptized at Landkey and his marriage is supposed to be there to Sarah but I haven't located it on the fiche. Some part of the fiche are difficult to read and I may be missing it - hence my reason for transcribing the parish registers. A good method for small parishes but a real task with larger ones. I hope to do Andover Hampshire one of these days to sort out the period from 1550 to 1700 (I have the fiche up to the early 1900s).

More discussion with others on the Vicary family. I had an error on my webpage (innocent actually as I picked it up from worldconnect a while back). I have now removed that particular item and replaced it with Alexander Vicary senior as the father of Alexander Vicary junior. This is not proven and I have debated removing it as I either say that I have proof or give the reasons for picking the individual. This is still weak on my webpage. I have removed most items from my webpages now that I do not have proof for the link. My initial thought in including some of the items was that I had received them from another researcher and my pages are becoming more and more visible and people do contact me. It allows me to discuss the entry and see if they have any further proof than I have of the connection. I probably need to state the controversy though in my preamble for each of my ancestral lines and will do that where it is needed. For the most part I do not go past what I can prove.

We have watched the Inauguration of the new United States President today for a good part of the day. I liked his Inaugural address and did think that he had a few key phrases that are memorable but perhaps not quite the same as President Kennedy's "Ask not what your country can do for you; but ask what you can do for your country." The people who came to see the ceremony were incredible. We have been to Washington DC in the area where the people were standing and it is an enormous area. There is so much hope being directed at President Obama and it was wonderful to see him so eager to accept the mantle of such a burden. The impact upon the black people of America will be a wondrous event to see in my lifetime. I can remember segregation and desegregation and how painful that was for the United States. God bless America and God bless President Obama, his family and his administration. God speed to them all.

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