Saturday, January 17, 2009

Landkey Parish Registers - 17 January 2009

I was right that it was a day of low accomplishment - I completed the 1624 entries in the Parish Register only. The priest is starting to add location to some of his entries which will be helpful. As well, the first name of the mother occurs with most baptisms now. The burials often have a few more details but are still very basic.

I also continued sorting through piles of my papers that accumulated during my working days. For the most part I have all of my family information in binders - 32 in all (one for each of my 3x great grandparents). A few of the binders are large since they hold the Blake and Pincombe lines and others have just a few pages.

Went shopping with my youngest daughter and her maid of honour looking for her wedding dress. That will take a little time to decide I expect. We saw some beautiful dresses today.

I am back to doing my yoga every day now that my bruised ribs have more or less righted themselves. We are going to start snowshoeing, skiing and skating this next week. The weather is going to be in the minus teens instead of the minus twenties. Minus 25 is just too cold for me to ski, skate or snowshoe unless I have to!

Tomorrow I shall continue to work on the Parish Registers - I am on the last row of the first fiche (5 rows in total). In total, there are four fiche up to the early 1700s. This is a parish of 774 inhabitants in 1844. The entries are well spaced with seldom more than 12 to an image compared to Bishops Nympton where there could be as many as 30 to an image. The IGI shows 3282 baptisms and burials (377 infant burials) for this parish and 1141 marriages with the dates 1602-1850 for baptisms/burials and 1602-1837 for the marriages. Thus far I have 298 baptisms, 86 marriages and 233 burials up to 1624.

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