Saturday, January 17, 2009

Landkey Parish Registers - 16 January 2009

I was just thinking of writing up my blog for the 16th of January when we had a hydro failure and consequently could not access the Internet. Instead we lit about 20 candles and enjoyed the warm glow and heat of candlelight for about two hours when luckily the hydro was restored. It was minus 24 degrees celsius when the hydro failed so we were glad to see it come back again although we have a small generator that we can run a heater with if we need to do that although it will not last a long time just long enough to get a little heat.

Yesterday, I accomplished very little on the Landkey Parish Registers, I only just started 1624 and today is another busy day so may not get a lot done. Now that we are empty-nesters we are going to clean on Fridays so that will take up much of the day but gives us a neat tidy house for the weekends when our children drop by to visit us. Now that we are walking the dogs a couple of days a week in the day while they are away our days seem to pass very very quickly but the dogs certainly enjoy their outings (we usually go twice to walk them).

I sorted through another large pile of items yesterday and found a good sized plastic bag worth of material to add to the recycling bin for next garbage day. I have a number of stashes of material that I need to go through, sort it out and dispose of duplicates, wrong ends (as I learned more about genealogy I learned not to get quite so deep into wrong ends!) and just general material that accumulated during my working days when I really didn't appear to have time to sort through everything or didn't want to throw things out because the material was still new and fresh from conferences.

We stopped our daily newspaper after 35 years because it is just too much paper and I am sad for the trees. Now we will just watch our news online and buy the paper twice a week to keep up to date with the items that do not make the news or the internet. Cold mornings like this though one wonders if that was such a good idea but I think that the amount of paper that goes out the door is unbelievable but it does keep an entire industry of pulp and paper running so must think about that as well.

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