Sunday, January 25, 2009

Landkey Parish Registers - 25 January 2009

I continued working on the Landkey Parish Registers and completed up to 1666 which includes 876 baptisms, 343 marriages and 720 burials. Historically speaking the last 20 years have been the period of the Commonwealth in England which followed the beheading of Charles I and later the establishment of Cromwell as Lord Protector and then the Glorious Restoration when the son of Charles I was asked to return by the Long Parliament to be crowned Charles II. Perhaps the many marriages from outside of Landkey is the result of the movement of troops during the Civil War in the 1640s. I am not seeing as many now and the number of baptisms has increased once again. The baptisms only exceed the burials by 156 which doesn't seem like very many over a 64 year period.

We went for about a 2km walk around 2:00 and it was about minus 11 celsius with a wind chill. Then we watched another episode of the BBC History of England series and this was about the Civil War which rather caught my interest. These episodes are very very interesting and the images used give one an interesting view of what life and the areas were like during this time period. Interesting that in some ways it seems little changed when you are away from the cities as we were noting having been there in the spring of 2008.

Tomorrow I shall continue with the Landkey registers but I also want to spend some time on the DNA T project where we are looking at FGS for about 400 samples and working on the tree for the T haplogroup. We will be publishing the results by summer of this year.

Dinner was our leftover homemade macaroni and cheese. We make it in a 18 cm x 25 cm glass dish and it is about 5 centimetres high and it includes non fat carnation milk and low fat cheese along with 125 ml of onions chopped up. Very delicious and you can add salads and in this case my husband had a steak to accompany it.

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