Monday, June 8, 2009

Andover Parish Registers - 25

The Andover Parish Register #1 is now complete with 2518 baptisms, 632 marriages and 2050 burials. I will get back to the second register (it also interests me a great deal!) after I work on the Timberscombe Parish Records which I am doing from the e-scans. However, I have a couple of projects that will occupy me for the remainder of this week.

I worked on my laptop today to clean up all the files. I use my laptop whenever we are doing research at the repositories and I transfer the files when I get back home each night. However since our trip to Salt Lake City I haven't been able to keep caught up as I have so much on the go. I decided that today was the day to clean up the laptop and now I have 110 GB free to load on lots of new material plus I am still thinking of doing the project of extracting the names from the hospital register in the 1850s. It makes for interesting reading and would capture a picture of the people in the area (at least those that attended a hospital/doctor in the area.

Tomorrow I will continue working away at a couple of projects. I have been helping my husband prepare a slide show which also took up some of the time.

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