Sunday, June 7, 2009

Andover Parish Registers - 24

Unfortunately, I did not complete the Andover Parish Register #1 - burials section today. I did manage to complete to January 1631. The transcription is very very difficult but I will continue tomorrow and hope to finish. There are six prints left to transcribe.

I had a query from a descendant of the Hinxman family. They are found at West Dean after the late 1600s but not there in the earlier register. I sent the requested baptism to the enquirer (Edward Hinxman baptized 30 December 1628). The record was a little earlier than thought - they were looking for 1635 and indeed there may be one in 1635 and I will see that at a later date unless I take the time to look tomorrow which I might. Edward was a fairly common name though in the Hinxman family at Andover.

I also met a new individual looking at the Jonathan Mead the Cooper I, II, and III family in Dutchess County, New York, She has written an article published in the NEHGR on Jonathan Cooper I. Her interest is strong and I sent her all of my husband's details just so that she would have them.

We had all our children home for dinner today and it was a busy time. The dogs loved the chicken treats after the meal was over.

Tomorrow I will continue working on the Andover Parish Registers to complete them. Then I will begin the Timberscombe Parish Registers plus I need to complete the Birmingham transcription at Family Search. Never a dull moment.

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