Monday, June 29, 2009

DNA Case Studies - Presentation

I decided to work on my Presentation yesterday and today. I have 58 slides prepared. I will need to update them just prior to the presentation with any changes but they are basically ready to go in terms of format. I need to write an Abstract and Bio for the Conference Booklet.

Initially I wondered what cases I would use but when I finally settled into it my cover page just appeared suddenly to me and then I decided to introduce my case studies briefly as part of the introduction. That flowed very well and then I started into the five case studies that I will present. They are all my own family lines except I will discuss the T haplogroup/T2 haplogroup studies and end with Mary Polly Case. Mary Polly has always appealed to me out of all of Ed's ancestors - she is his 3x great grandmother and was orphaned. She was born in Dublin but sent to Halifax to live where she married at the age of 18 years. Although her father is likely John Casey very very little is known about her family life in Ireland.

Other than that my day passed quickly as most of it was spent on the presentation.

Tomorrow I shall work on the transcription plus I will have Jackson over to babysit.

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