Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Timberscombe Bishops Transcripts - 2

I continued with the Timberscombe Bishops Transcripts and completed up to the end of 1611. The next set of records is for 1621. There are now 59 baptisms, 13 marriages and 56 burials. It is nice to see more baptisms than burials. I found a Pincombe in this set of transcriptions - Dorothy the wife of George Pincombe was buried. Two years later George Pincombe was buried. Perhaps this is an older couple but there was a Pincombe family in the Timberscombe/Wootton Courtney area. Finding a George Pincombe there is the early 1600s is certainly interesting.

We went for a 14 kilometre bike ride this morning when it was cool. It was pleasant riding along the river edge and then we came back by the highway.

Tomorrow I shall work on the Timberscombe Bishops Transcripts once again. I have now completed 10 of the 127 scans. This will be the more difficult portion as the writing is 17th century English and usually quite tiny. As I reach the 18th and 19th century especially it will be easier to transcribe.

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