Sunday, June 21, 2009

Timberscombe Bishops Transcripts - 3

I did go ahead with the next page of the Bishops Transcripts for Timberscombe and it was brutal! I did manage to complete it and will work on it again tomorrow. I have also decided to go back to working on the Andover Parish Records at the same time. The second Parish Register is rather difficult and working on two difficult ones will probably keep me moving along at a steady pace for both of them - the Andover being slightly better!

Looked at the Hinxman family once again and the IGI. Looking at the Tax/Subsidy Records for the 1500s there appears to be only one Hinxman line at Andover headed by William Senior. He has a son William Junior and possibly a son Joseph. There isn't anything yet to clearly show that Joseph's father was William. I know more about Joseph because his son Joseph married Eleanor Blake (sister to my Richard). The association between the Blake and Hinxman family continues through the 1600s and would appear to end in the early 1700s. At least I do not find any records linking them after this date at Foxcott where my Blake ancestors lived in the early 1700s.

I searched on FMP again today looking at the Dockland Ancestors records. Since these include the Church in Bermondsey - St Mary Magdalen - I hope to find more information on my Beard, Hemsley and Buller families there. I did find information on Edward Beard (brother to Henry my 4x great grandfather). I know that the Beard family lived on Grange Road as did John Hemsley possible father to my Elizabeth Hemsley who married Henry Beard in 1766 at Bermondsey (St Mary Magdalen). Their daughter Mary (no baptism found yet) married Christopher Buller prior to 1796 when they are mentioned in Henry Beard's will. I also had a look at the Routledge family but no records for Cumberland. I must have pulled up over 100 records today having a good look here and there.

My George Lywood was mentioned in his marriage lines as a Waterloo Pensioner but I do not find him at Waterloo - he did receive a clasp for the Peninsula Campaign as he was at Martinique. Perhaps the reference to Waterloo Pensioner was because he served in the campaign that led up to Waterloo. He was in the 23rd Regiment of Foot and I had the good luck to visit the Welsh Regimental Museum in Wales when we were on our tour. I purchased their book which gives an excellent history of the Regiment. George was my first ancestor to step foot in Canada as he was here at Halifax with the 23rd Regiment in 1807 before heading off to Martinique.

Still bothered somewhat by my shoulder so will write a little less! I will again carry on with Timberscombe and Andover Parish Registers. I need to contact one of the speakers in the Fall to go over my case histories that I will speak about for DNA. I am sure that she isn't thinking about it very much at the moment but I think it might be timely to contact her so that we could set a date to speak about the case histories sometime in late July or early August. This will be my last presentation. I find it just takes up too much time preparing for the talks and I really much prefer to do research.

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