Friday, June 5, 2009

Proofreading DNA study - 3

I completed my proofreading of the DNA study and spent a little time in organization. It is good to be finished and I will pass it on to my co-investigators. It has been a very interesting study. Since it will be published, I can not, of course, share it online.

I also got back to transcribing the Andover Parish Registers burial portion for the first register. I am up to September 1626 and 1594 entries. Another seven years to complete and then the first register will be complete.

It turns out that the LDS has supplied images for some of the Somerset parishes of which I am the online parish clerk. One of these is Timberscombe so I now have 36 scans to my fiche to work with but they are a good deal easier to read as I can blow them up to look for clarity. Ancestors of mine that lived at Timberscombe in Somerset included: Simon Moggridge, Grace Mogeridge, and Mary Vicary. I have the transcriptions by T. Stoate of the parish registers but it is always nice to look at them yourself to see if you can see something that he didn't. Plus I like to put the family lines together when it is possible.

Tomorrow I shall complete the Andover Parish Register for the burials and set that aside for a while. I will then begin the Timberscombe parish registers. I have also taken on transcription of the Birmingham Parish Records for FamilySearch. I have now done over 1200 records for Family Search. I may once again go back and do Free BMD after a year's absence. I found that reading from the old scans to proofread the work already done was really difficult. I need to have a feel for the names in particular areas to be of real help. I will try again to see if I can assist in completing this very fine task. I have entered more than 20,000 records into FreeBMD since I started.

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