Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Presentation - 2

I continued today looking at my presentation plus I was babysitting Jackson. The day passed quickly but my presentation has a few good changes and likely there will be more in the next couple of months.

Tomorrow will be Canada Day so my transcriptions may not move along quite yet. My eyes are not greatly restored again and ready to tackle the difficult transcription ahead. Both sets of material will be difficult. I think I will try to do two hours on Andover and then two hours on Timberscombe each day. Usually I can do six to eight hours but these particular pages are quite difficult to read.

My daughter and I also spent some time looking at apartments. That task is still ahead to do and then the moving although the movers will do all that heavy lifting which will be nice. Fortunately she doesn't have very much anyway.

I am amazed that we are now half way through the year. This one has passed very quickly and I rather think the next half will pass quickly as well.

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