Friday, June 19, 2009

Finding an apartment

We, my daughter and I, spent yesterday looking at apartments via the internet. We found two very interesting ones and just have to wait now and see if they are available. It is fascinating hunting for an apartment one thousand miles away from your location on the web. You can go into Google Maps and trace the streets to locations and see the store fronts, the library and where you are going to work. The only thing you do not get is the real feel for distance although you can estimate just from the size of the houses/apartment buildings/etc.

We also went out shopping and found yet another pot of flowers (on sale) that will look great on the porch. We are going to have the engagement party for our daughter and future son in law in August and I want some plant pots to put around the back yard (hoping for a non rainy day!) since we will have a "tea" in the backyard for the announcement. We will be about 30 people so should be able to manage that fairly well plus there will be people dropping in probably during the two hours. Our gardens will just be at their best by August so should be quite lovely. Ed has put in a lot of bedding plants as per usual and more flowers this year than vegetables. We need fewer and fewer vegetables for just the two of us.

Hence I did not touch the Timberscombe Bishop Transcripts. I shall try to get in some time on them today but it looks to be another busy one so may not put in a lot of hours. I did spend some time looking at the Mecklenburg 1819 census for my husband's Schulz/Passow/Naumann ancestors. These records are totally in German but actually are fairly searchable on Ancestry. We know the birthplace for his great grandparents - Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Schulz was born at Brohm and Fredericka Rachell Naumann was born at Staven. We have parents for both and I hunted for them on the 1819 census but it will require extracting all the Schulz entries in the area and translating the entries to determine which one since there are many many Johann Schulz and also the second and third name entries. The same with the entries for Charles Naumann. He and Sophia may or may not have been married and it would be neat to determine that. We need to borrow the parish registers from the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.

An online friend has kindly said that he will check the Little Cheverell registers for a marriage between John Tanner and Ann Stratton which I have from the IGI 27 Jan 1752 at Little Cheverell. Although they marry at Little Cheverell both of their children Sarah (baptized 31 Dec 1758) and John (baptized 10 Mar 1756) were baptized at Tilshead where they appeared to have lived and I found a burial for Ann Stratton Tanner 2 Oct 1779 at Tilshead but no burial for John. I checked these records when we were at Salt Lake City in the Tilshead parish registers where I also found the gratifying confirmation that Jeremiah Rawlings who married Sarah Tanner at Tilshead 1 Nov 1780 was indeed Jeremiah Rawlings from Enford (hence my ancestor). Jeremiah and Sarah Rawlings were my four x great grandparents. Since it is 1752 I do not expect to find a lot in the entry but I may be lucky with the priest recording home parish if not Little Cheverell.

Tomorrow I want to work on the Bishop Transcripts as the day doesn't have anything scheduled yet!It will be nice when I am caught up to the Parish Register fiche so that I have that second check on the transcripts. They are a derived document from the original registers which, in this case, are missing for the 1600s up to 1656 although these Bishop Transcripts exist from 1599 to 1655 but have breaks (I am moving from 1611 to 1621 in this first large break).

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