Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Proofreading DNA study - 2

I continued proofreading the DNA study and I will finish it tomorrow. I decided to add in more data which meant backtracking and picking up the earlier data sets. I am all caught up now and just have 30 datasets left to proof. Listening to my daughter, I will think about collecting the data in a more sophisticated manner if indeed this extra information proves useful.

We watched the last two episodes of All Creatures Great and Small, Season II. I have Season III and IV on order but it will be awhile before I see them likely as I am #10 and #11 on the list of people waiting for them. This evening two episodes of JAG in Season III were enjoyed. We also went for a 2kilometre walk after dinner. I baked a chocolate cake today - the first in ages since before I injured my shoulder. I couldn't manage to do things like that for quite a while and got away from it. I had stewed up a pot of rhubarb and chocolate cake is so good with stewed rhubarb. I expect we will eat a lot of rhubarb this year :)

Tomorrow I will finish off the datasets for the DNA study. I want to get back to the Andover Parish Registers as I set them aside to work on the proofreading. I may still be able to complete the burial register of the 1st register by the weekend. Then I can start on the next register. I also need to make my list of wills to order from the Hampshire Record Office.

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