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Siderfin-Greenslade-Wheedon families

For quite a while I have meant to spend some time on the Siderfin - Greenslade - Wheedon families as they intermarried into the Siderfin family of Somerset England. Today I just happened to fall into that thought pattern once again. An email from a fellow Siderfin researcher prompted it. I am still trying to resolve the chart for the Siderfin family which James Sanders produced in his 1912 book on the Siderfin family.

I had a few marriages between the Greenslade family and the Siderfin family. A few marriages between the Wheddon family and the Siderfin family. A few marriages between the Greenslade and the Wheddon family. All members lived in the vicinity of Cutcombe or Wootton Courtney or Selworthy Somerset.

I had a small amount of information to aid me. I knew that the father of William Greenslade (widower) who married Mary Siderfin 22 Apr 1843 at Minehead was Francis. I found William on the 1841 census at Fiddington (Inwood Farm) with his son Francis (25). The Mary Siderfin that he married is the daughter of John Siderfin and Joan Adams. The late acquisition of the will of Mary Siderfin (spinster) has provided the clue for linking this set of children back to John Siderfin and Joan Adams. The parents of John Siderfin are John Siderfin and Joan Greenslade. I was always curious as to whether there was a relationship between these two Greenslade families.

Working back Francis Greenslade (baptized 3 May 1750 at Wootton Courtney) and Joane Wheddon baptized their son William 8 Feb 1782 at Wootton Courtney and the marriage of Francis Greenslade to Joane Wheddon (baptized 9 Jan 1753 Wootton Courtney) was celebrated 12 January 1774 at Wootton Courtney. It was possible to then determine working my way back that John Greenslade and Margaret Wheddon were the parents of Francis Greenslade. They married 31 Mar 1742 at Wootton Courtney. This John Greenslade was the son of Thomas Greenslade and Christian Stoate who are said to have married in 1709 at Selworthy but this marriage does not appear on the register transcriptions (I need to check my fiche to see if it is actually there).

Thomas and Christian Greenslade had two children of interest: John baptized 27 Jul 1714 at Selworthy and already mentioned above

and Joan Greenslade who was baptized 3 May 1718 at Selworthy.

Joan Greenslade married John Siderfin (mentioned earlier) 26 Mar 1743 at Cutcombe. He was baptized 14 Jan 1722 at Cutcombe. Their oldest child Mary left a will which mentions all of her nieces and nephews. Her sister Joan (baptized 8 Jan 1747 at Cutcombe) married Thomas Wheddon 16 May 1782 at Cutcombe. He was baptized 19 Mar 1754 at Wootton Courtney and the son of Attowell Wheddon and Mary White who had married 2 Dec 1751 at Taunton (St Mary).

Attowell Wheddon and Mary had two children that fit into this family scheme.

Thomas already mentioned and Joane (baptized 9 Jan 1753 at Wootton Courtney) and also mentioned as the wife of Francis Greenslade.

I have thus managed to connect all the Greenslade families and most of the Wheddon families but I still have Margaret Wheddon without parents. There is a Betty Wheddon baptized in 1721 at Wootton Courtney with parents Thomas and Joane (these are the parents of Attowell who was baptized 4 Oct 1724 at Wootton Courtney). I will continue to investigate the possibility that Margaret is their daughter but there is another Wheddon family at Wootton Courtney but they had a child in 1721 already (she wasn't Margaret :) ). The date of 1721 is a guess by another researcher so I can not stick with that in particular. Since she married in 1742 her baptism could be as late as 1725 or earlier than 1720 and I will check the registers as I have them. This is my first real try to bring some connectivity to these families.

Success and a plan to work on the missing details.

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