Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bertrand and Séguin families

I decided to move on from the Whalen/Welland family as I was not finding any information that was helpful for this line.

I have a marriage for Julien Vital Bertrand and Antoinette Séguin at St Jean Baptiste, L'Orginal, Prescott Co UC 7 Feb 1842. I asked for an online verification and did receive one. It would still be nice to view the register I must admit and I hope to do that when next we are in Toronto.

Parents of Julien Vital Bertrand listed were: Antoine Bertrand and Josette (Marie Josephte ?) Cholet.

Parents of Antoinette Séguin listed were: Hyacinthe Séguin and Monique Villeneuve.

I did find a baptism for Julien Vital Bertrand 28 Apr 1814 at Ste Madeleine, Rigaud, LC. The baptism for Antoinette Séguin is said to be 15 Jun 1815 also at Ste Madeleine, Rigaud but the baptism I find for a daughter of this couple is named Monique Noelette (in this time period who appears to have survived) - 25 Dec 1815 (born 25 Dec 1815). The date online of 15 Jun is from a family website. There was a daughter baptized 22 November 1814 (born 21 November 1814) which would make the June birthdate a seven months baby at most and likely less than that. I suspect the date is in error. I wonder though whether the name Antoinette by which she is known is perhaps a Confirmation name since her recorded name is Monique Noelette.

Looking at the census that I can find for Julien Vital Bertrand and Antoinette Séguin I find her birth dates various (1852 (birthdate 1815), 1861 (birthdate 1813) and 1871 (birthdate 1814). She is always listed as 1 to 2 years older than Julien (his birth dates range from 1817 to 1815 although his baptism is clearly found to be 28 April 1814). Hyacinthe and Monique had a daughter in 1813 (they married in 1812) but I find a burial for Rosalie at four days of age. They also had a daughter mentioned earlier Madeleine Monique in November 1814 who was buried 5 Sep 1815. I find three daughters born after Monique Noelette in 1817, 1818 and 1820 and then Hyacinthe is born in 1821.

Searching for the burials of Julien Vital Bertrand and Antoinette Séguin did not locate a burial for either. The census shows them to be at Petite Nation, Ottawa West, Québec in 1852, André Avellin in 1861 and Hull on the 1871 census. I do not find them on the 1881 census. Their daughter Antoinette marries in 1877 at Hull but they do not appear on the 1881 census with this young couple.

However, I feel that I have established that Antoinette Séguin is the daughter (Monique Noelette) of Hyacinthe Séguin and Monique Villeneuve and that the father of Hyacinthe is also Hyacinthe as he is listed as fils on the baptisms of their children. That is also helpful. I will continue working back on this family line today.

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