Wednesday, January 6, 2010

French Canadian ancestry - Lauzon

I had a very successful day looking at the Lauzon family and discovered a tree online which I shall pursue with the actual records. I tend to do genealogy from the respect of what others have done before me. The Lauzon family has been quite researched I have discovered with at least five distinct trees online tracing back to the founding couple Pierre Lauzon and Anne Boivin. The line I am looking at descends through their son Gilles and Marie Archambault, their son Gilles and Marie-Anne Grolx, their son Gilles and Marie Anne Viau dit Lesperance, their son Joseph and Marie Catherine Fontigney dite St Jean. This marriage I have found on Drouin and was the point that I was at in my research yesterday when I found the earlier information where I now need to locate the records. I have the marriage for Augustin (son of Joseph and Marie Catherine) who married Clemence Chaumont to their son Joseph married to Rosalie Thibaut. Their son Augustin married Hélèna Brunet at Notre Dame de la Salette, Papineau and their eldest son Joseph Telesphore Augustin Lauzon married Dora Lanoie at Sturgeon Falls in 1910. I wondered if this was correct but my good fortune yesterday was to find Augustin and Hélèna at Sturgeon Falls on the 1901 census so this marriage is now working for the tree.

I now have all the information for the tree for the Lauzon family back nine generations (chart is nine generations) once I find all the records before the marriage of Joseph Lauzon and Marie Catherine Fontigney dite St Jean. I would also like to find all the baptisms and burials before I actually give the chart away. I am still lacking information on some of the feeder lines into this family Brunet, Constantineau, Deguire dit LaRose, Brunet dit Lalang, Lanoie, Boileau, Rhéaume, and St Armour. For the first four I need two generations and for the next four I need three generations. So still quite a bit of work.

That still leaves me with three other main lines (Grégoire, Bédard and Mourier). I already know the Mourier line will be more difficult because the furtherest back member that I have traced thus far was born in France in 1845 (although still four generations have been born in Canada!). Amazingly in this entire family that I have researched thus far this is the only individual not born in Canada until we get back into the 1600s (earliest baptism thus far is 1639). An amazing number of French Canadian families (no duplicates thus far) is part of this entire tree. I am putting the emphasis on this research now because of the new baby coming in the spring (our daughter's first niece or nephew, her husband's brother's child). It would be so nice to have a chart all ready for the baby.

Today I shall find the proofs for the Lauzon family and then continue working on the other feeder families for this particular main line.

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