Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Backing up material

I decided to back up my files yesterday and was somewhat surprised to discover that I have, in the last couple of weeks of researching our son-in-law's family downloaded 4 GB of images. Certainly my file system has greatly enlarged with 84 sub-folders as compared to just eight sub-folders a couple of weeks ago. Every folder has a number of images amounting in total to 4.44 GB. I haven't reached a point where I have any text documents in any of these folders - still gathering information from ancestry.

I have a couple of lines that elude me and I expect it will be a lot of parish register reading to find the items. I will go to Library and Archives Canada one of these days to have a look at the Family Histories that have been submitted to them. For the most part I have been working on virgin territory for many of his lines back into the late 1700s. At that point I am picking up work submitted to ancestry or world connect or family webpages that have assisted me. I continue to check out each reference but there is some really good work out there on French Canadian lines.

I also want to go to the Library at Ottawa University to check out their French Canadian historical material. I am still very new to French Canadian Research and do not know all the records available to me to work on his lines. He has many many marriages in Quebec City and Montreal in the mid 1600s. He has many many soldiers in his lines. The latest I discovered the other day was Féréole Doutre who arrived in the later part of the 1750s probably in the troop increase allotment due to the Seven Years War with England in which Québec was ultimately signed over to the English in exchange for colonies in the West Indes.

Féréole married Marie Cecile Forgette dite Despatie 28 Feb 1775 at Terrebonne. Finding Marie Cecile Forgette dite Despatie proved to be a challenge but fortunately the priest recorded the parents of both in the marriage lines.

Parents of Féréole Doutre were Joseph D'Outre and Francisca Sobraques married in France.

Parents of Marie Cecile Forgette dite Despatie were Jean Baptiste Despatie dit Forgette and Marie-Anne Ménard (and this is the first record of the Ménard family in this family grouping). Jean Baptiste and Marie-Anne married 29 Oct 1738 at Ste Famille, Boucherville.

On the marriage registration of Jean Baptiste Despatie dit Forgette and Marie-Anne Ménard the priest recorded the parents of this couple and it is here that the names switched (i.e. Despatie dit Forgette).

Parents of Jean Baptiste Despatie dit Forgette were Jean Baptiste Forgette and Jeanne Beaudouin. Jean Baptiste and Jeanne married 22 Nov 1700 at Repentigny.

Again I was able to extract the names of their parents from the Parish Register.

Parents of Jean Baptiste Forgette were Nicolas Forgette dite Despatie and Marie Madeleine Martin. Nicolas and Marie Madeleine married 6 Feb 1653 at Québec City and their parents were recorded in the Parish Register.

Parents of Nicolas Forgette dite Despatie were Paul Forgette and Nicole Chevalier of Alençon France.

Parents of Marie Madeleine Martin were Abraham Martin and Marguerite Langlois who were also married in France.

This repeats some of my post of the other day but I wanted to go through it all again and I find that easier to do on my blog so that I do not lose any of the details that I have collected. I work on so many lines it is easy to misplace details if I am away from one particular line for a few days or weeks. That was my reason to start blogging although the last couple of months I have blogged less frequently, I will likely go back to my daily blog once again.

Looking at the parents of Jeanne Beaudouin who had married Jean Baptiste Despatie dit Forgette 22 Nov 1700 at Repentigny, the priest listed them as Jean Baudouyn and Charlotte Chauvin (born 5 Apr 1651 Montréal) and they married 27 Nov 1663 at Notre-Dame Montréal.

Parents of Jean Baudouyn were Jean Baudouyn and Jeanne Berthet.

Parents of Charlotte Chauvin were Michel Chauvain and Anne Archambault who had married 27 Jul 1647 at Notre-Dame, Québec. The priest had listed the names of their parents in France.

Michel Chauvain's parents were Gabriel Chauvain and Marie Arouard.

Anne Archambault's parents were Jacques Archambault and Françoise Toros.

Going back now to Marie-Anne Ménard who had married Jean Baptiste Despatie dit Forgette 29 Oct 1738 at Ste Famille Boucherville, the priest listed her parents on the marriage lines.

Parents of Marie-Anne Ménard were Louis Ménard dit Lafontaine and Marie Anne Février who married 12 Dec 1691 at Boucherville. The parents of this couple were listed on the marriage lines.

Parents of Louis Ménard dit Lafontaine were Jacques Ménard dit Lafontaine and Catherine Fovether (sp).

Parents of Marie Anne Février were Kristoffe Février and Marie Martin. I found the second marriage of Kristoffe a couple of years after the birth of Marie Anne Février 22 Jun 1676 at Boucherville. I have not yet found his first marriage with Marie Martin. This is the second Martin in this time frame Marie Madeleine Martin married Nicolas Forgette dite Despatie 6 Feb 1653 at Québec.

The Forgette family had eluded me for some time until I noticed the Despatie dit name and then I was able to quickly move back. I may attempt a look at the French records to see if I am able to learn anything about Joseph Doutre and his wife Francisca Sobraques parents of Féréole Doutre who arrived in New France towards the end of the 1750s as a soldier. He died 29 Mar 1824 at the Hopital général des Soeurs Grises in Montréal.

Again I am looking at the Olivier Gagnon line. He married Josephte Doutre (grand daughter of Féréole Doutre) 26 Jun 1844 at Saint-Luc, Curran, Prescott, Ontario. His death registration states that he was born at Berthier in 1811. I decided to have a look at the registers and found an Olivier Genton baptized there 17 May 1810 with parents Joseph Genton and Elizabeth Moreau. However Gagnon is quite aways from Genton I rather think. I shall have to continue checking. I also noted that in his burial lines the priest has mentioned that he was almost 90 years old when he was buried 13 Mar 1900. This would make the 17 May 1810 date quite interesting. But why would he change his name from Genton to Gagnon. Was it an enumerator error? Would Olivier had spoken with an accent that made Genton sound like Gagnon? Considering they would have been English speaking enumerators in the Plantagenent area this could be a possibility. However, I will keep it on the backburner whilst I hunt out other possibilities. Finding their marriage lines is a high priority since the priest would likely have been French speaking and would have spelled his surname correctly.

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