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Pougeolle dit Perpignan and Dassilva dit Portugais

I was quite amazed as the family lines for Elizabeth (Isabelle) Thibaut dite Labbé were really difficult to read on the marriage register of 1784. Jean François Thibaut (father of Elizabeth Thibaut) married Marie Françoise Pougeolle dit Perpignan 28 Sep 1784 at Notre-Dame, Québec City. Jean François' parents were Charles François Thibaut and his mother is Catherine and possibly Bissoneau but I continue to check out the last name as it is a little difficult to read. However the names of Marie Françoise's parents are quite clearly Jean François Pougeolle dit Perpignan and Marie Angélique Dassilva dite Portugais. They married at Québec City 12 Nov 1764 and again their parents names were quite legible.

Jean François' parents: Jean Pougeolle dit Perpignan and Maria Pia

Marie Angélique's parents: Jean Baptiste Dassilva dit Portugais and Marie Girard who married at Québec City 24 Nov 1744.

Jean Baptiste Dassilva parents were: Jean Baptiste Dassilva dit Portugais and Angélique Rosalie Amyot dit Lincourt who married at Québec City 26 Oct 1727.

Marie Girard parents were: Jean Girard and Catherine Bouré who married at Charlesbourg 16 May 1703.

Carrying on with the Dassilva line I was able to continue tracing back at Québec City and discovered Jean Baptiste's parents to be Pierre (Pedro Da Silva) Dassilva dit Portugais who was born circa 1647 at Lisbon Portugal and died in 1717 at Québec City. He married Jeanne Greslon dit Laviolette 16 May 1677 at Beaupré, Québec. The parents of Pierre were Joseph Dassilva dit Portugais and his wife Marie François from the marriage registration for Pierre and Jeanne. Jeanne was born 9 Feb 1663 at Chateau Richer, Québec and the daughter of Jacques Greslon dit Laviolette and Jeanne Vigneault who married 3 Jul 1657 at Québec City. Their parents (all born and married in France) were Jacques Greslon and his wife Cathrine (last name I need to decipher) and Abel Vignau and his wife Susane Bonnear (?). Their parishes were listed on the marriage registration. The last set of couples are 12x great grandparents to our son in law (paternal side). A truly remarkable history tracing back to the early days of New France. Once I reach back into the 1700s I can find others searching these family lines but I am on my own through the 1800s and 1900s for the most part.

The breakthrough on this line was my eldest daughter reading the register over my shoulder and realizing that I was misreading the last letter of Pougeolle (I had an a and nothing came up for this name). Once we changed the last letter to an "e" and entire family history unfolded before our eyes as it is written up in the following website. I then verified all the marriages in the Notre Dame parish register.

A very interesting website which traces this family down to the marriage of Jean Franç Pougeolle dit Perpignan and Marie Angélique Dassilva dite Portugais 12 Nov 1764 at Notre-Dame, Québec. This couple's daughter Marie Françoise Pougeolle dit Perpignan married Jean François Thibaut 28 Sep 1784 at Notre-Dame, Québec and their daughter Elizabeth Thibaut dite Labbé married Jean Baptiste Fournier dit Larose 1809 at Notre-Dame, Québec thus solving the mystery of Elizabeth's mother's name which was so difficult to interpret on the marriage registration.

Elizabeth was the mother of Emilie Fournier dite Larose who married Jean Thomas Whelan (Welland) 13 Jan 1835 which was my starting point two days ago. I still have not solved the Whelan/Welland family although did discover that Arthur a brother to Thomas lived at Aylmer, Québec and on the 1911 census stated his ancestry as Irish which could be very helpful. I know that Jean Thomas was born in Québec around 1814 and I have been busy reading the registers. I am up to page 90 in 1814. The Whelan name is a fairly common one in Ottawa but they do not appear to be connected to this family which the priest actually records as Welland. The Whelan being used at a later period. Welland though does not lead me backwards in time at all.

Today I will spend time once again on the Whelan/Welland families and see if I can solve that mystery. Thomas Welland married Elizabeth Pepin dite Lachance but I do not have a marriage for them yet and they are the parents of Jean Thomas Whelan/Welland who married Emilie Fournier dite Larose.

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