Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bishops Nympton Parish Register - 27 February 2009

I completed the marriages 1813-1837 in the Bishops Nympton Parish Register fiche. I have also built a small file of the marriages from the Banns that were available in the 1870s and 1880s. I will gradually fill in the marriages using the baptisms and the census for Bishops Nympton. Since all are recorded in the Registration District of South Molton from 1837 on it will be a slow process.

Yesterday was a rainy day and we stayed in most of the day. Today is bright sunny and cold (minus 21 celsius) but we will likely go out since the warm weather yesterday has done a good job of clearing away the loose snow and ice. Our snow continues to compact down and will be a really good watering for the ground when spring comes - as it surely will in another month or so!

Today I shall work on the Burials for Bishops Nympton and a seven page report on burials in the Church and Churchyard and the rights of the incumbent to control this process. It has been interesting reading thus far as I have now transcribed five of the seven pages. The handwriting is quite good although a little small and I have missed a few words. I will go back later and redo when I am proofreading. It is an interesting excursion into British Legalese and Ecclesiastical Courts prior to 1850 in England - written in 1841. There are five fiche for the burials bringing them up to the mid 1980s and I will be able to find all of my relatives' burials that I am currently missing for Bishops Nympton.

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