Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bishops Nympton Parish Register - 19 February 2009

I completed up to 1858 in the baptisms for Bishops Nympton Parish Register today. The priest continues to be most accurate in location and that is helpful although by this time my Pincombe family has left Bishops Nympton and indeed there are no longer any Pincombe families there after 250 years of living there. Some families that were there in the 1500s still remain in Bishops Nympton but many have moved on to other places or their surnames have daughtered out. I can think of a few cases where the last daughter of the house married into newer families and these are now the surnames that predominate.

The days are passing very quickly and I also need to do the Roster for Lenten Blessings for Anglican List. I shall work on that this evening and send it on to the list. I do not have very many volunteers unfortunately.

My daughter is slowly getting better. Just unlucky as she did have her flu shot. It doesn't guarantee 100% protection that is for sure but I think it is helpful.

Today President Obama came to Ottawa for a visit and he was very well welcomed which was nice to see. We didn't go down as we tend to watch everything on the Television (front seat always!).

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