Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Landkey Parish Registers - 4 February 2009

Spent a little time on the Landkey Parish Registers and completed up to 1705. There are now 1353 baptisms, 575 marriages and 1189 burials. Although there are not a lot of new baptisms there are not a lot of new burials either. The Plague has passed through and disappeared fortunately for this small village. The priest continues to add in interesting details about the locations of the individuals that he mentions in the parish register. No more baptisms for this priest so suspect that their one and only child was their son who died as an infant.

Still working on my husband's articles plus my presentation. I need to submit a background for the conference brochure so need to have a good idea on what I will be speaking about other than the more general "Family Studies and DNA." I have decided to concentrate on my own family line Blake, my husband's Schultz line as his cousin has recently done his yDNA and it proved to be a surprise since this family emigrated from Prussia and we thought it might be I or perhaps R1a but it is definitely R1b with no exact matches but one 11/12 match with the same surname. Also I will speak about the Pincombe one name study since I now have two samples and the Mead family which continues to be interesting. For mtDNA I will take about the geographic potential with doing a FGS.

I completed the book report on Bryan Sykes' three DNA books - The Seven Daughters of Eve, Adam's Curse and Saxons, Viking and Celts. All three are a most interesting read although there is now some debate on the historical content they remain a fascinating first read for anyone looking at doing their DNA study. I am also busy writing up an article on Salt Lake City preparation.

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