Friday, February 6, 2009

Landkey Parish Registers - 6 February 2009

Another very busy day and also a fairly cold day for February here in Ottawa (minus 20 degrees celsius and not warming up much at all). Completed up to 1707 yesterday in the Parish Registers for Landkey. There are now 1367 baptisms, 590 marriages and 1210 burials. The priest (William Beare) continues to record the location of the events if other than Landkey and the home parish of the participants if not Landkey - very helpful information as I now find that the Pincombe family is at Swimbridge rather than Landkey itself.

We usually help with the Computer Room at Gene-O-Rama and spent a short time discussing what types of records we would bring this year. I shall have to spend a couple of hours thinking about that. It is good advertisement for the various CDs that we have collected over the years - personally I have more of a tendency to buy CDs if I can see that it will be useful to me in my research.

Time to request volunteers for Lenten Blessings on the Anglican List where I prepare the roster of volunteers. It has been a long standing custom to have these Blessings (going back about twelve years now).

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