Sunday, February 8, 2009

Landkey Parish Registers - 8 February 2008

A successful day for the Parish Registers as I have now reached and completed 1728 for Landkey. There are now 1559 baptisms, 719 marriages, and 1406 burials. Since there are still 110 years of records on the IGI for this parish there must have been a decline in population as there are only 1141 marriages in the IGI (mind you some of the marriages in the Parish Register are not in the IGI).

I am also working on my DNA presentation and deciding which families to include. It is only 30 minutes and I want to leave five minutes for questions so will likely eliminate a number of slides by the date. At the moment I have about one hundred which is far too many. I will likely settle for 25 to 30 slides.

We also have been dog sitting today and the puppy has really grown. His legs are literally lengthening daily making his rather large body from his young puppy days look much thinner and leaner. We took them for a 1 km walk today although there were a lot of puddles to pick him up over as he doesn't realize he needs to miss them like the older dog does. He tries to copy him but he is actually taller and heavier than the older dog now and will be about twice his size when he is an adult.

The Pincombe family is appearing in the register once again as the children of Hugh Pincombe marry. Since this is the family at Swimbridge that has answered a question in my mind about them. Linking them back to Bishops Nympton has been most successful and also to Wilmot Pincombe who would have been a first cousin once removed to Hugh. I think that Sarah's surname is possibly Lang because her parents were Matthew and Grace - the first son and the first daughter of Hugh and Sarah were named Matthew and Grace. The other sons are William, John and Hugh with a daughter Elizabeth. Just a thought and perhaps in time I will be able to find her surname.

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