Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bishops Nympton Parish Register - 18 February 2009

Baptisms for Bishops Nympton are now complete up to 1850. The priest continues to record the actual place of residency and it is interesting to see the families that lived at Park where Robert and Elizabeth Pincombe lived and at Week. We didn't travel the back road to Park when we were visiting as the road is very windy and I suspect it would have been an hour round trip.

I spent a little time checked a DVD out that is soon going to be for sale - Ottawa Branch News. It will be an excellent addition to anyone's library that hasn't been in the branch all these years. A lot of good articles have been published through the years about people in the area. I am still debating how to go about publishing the lists of patients seen at the original General Hospital in the 1850s. The lists are quite lengthy and would give a very interesting cross sectional view of the population that was in the area during this time. I need to contact the copyright holders of the microfiche although they did give it to the Ottawa Archives but in order to publish anything extensively I would need their permission. It would make an interesting series in the Ottawa Branch News for a number of issues.

I need to work on the Lanercost Protestation Returns to send them in for publication in the Cumbria Journal. I want to write a short background and then it is ready to go. I notice that they do publish a lot of lists. I also have now finished a first read of the other Protestation Wards in the Eskdale Ward but I didn't get the impression that the editor of the journal would like to publish more than Lanercost.

Snow is falling today in Ottawa and we are meant to get 20 centimetres - it will cover up the perfectly dreadful looking snowhills that predominate these days. President Obama comes tomorrow and it would be nice to see the capital looking spiffy all covered with a fresh coat of white snow. I do not know if he has ever been to Canada. It will be interesting to watch his time here on TV. I tend to do that almost all the time now - we rarely go to events.

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