Friday, January 14, 2011

Moving on to Penton Mewsey

I have completed Andover Parish Registers up to 1757 yielding 11,785 baptisms, 3400 marriages, and 10,677 burials. I still need to proofread this entire file before submitting it to the OPC Hampshire site. I must allocate time to that after I complete Penton Mewsey. I am most anxious to see that particular parish.

I have also decided to prepare a flat file in excel of the Hearth Tax 1665 for Hampshire from the published book just for Andover Extra and Infra. The published book lacks an index for a portion of the alphabet and this will make it easier to sort and find my people. I will gradually add in the areas around Andover that interest me.

My two new Blake correspondents descend from the Charles Blake line at Abbotts Ann and have acquired a fair amount of information on their Robert Blake line (son of Charles Blake and Jane Gilbert). I had some information on that line (grandchildren of Robert) which I had extracted just to see if there was any overlap with Upper Clatford. They have a complete look at the family from Robert down. I am looking forward to working with them on the Blake family prior to Charles and my Thomas. I am convinced that Charles descends from Robert but more proof is always good. I note that Edward Blake (at Abbotts Ann) lived at Quarley so this is probably a good spot to look for other baptisms for the children of Robert Blake and Elizabeth Russell. An eight year gap in a marriage is unusual especially as they had several children before and several children after.

I have backed up the Andover file several times over just to be safe on that.

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