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West Hampshire

Continuing on with the Parish Registers of Andover and this is Parish Register 7 and includes baptisms, marriages and burials up to 1746 according to the title. As of February 1721 I now have 9144 baptisms at Andover since the inception of the Registers. The baptisms are increasing steadily each month now. There are more baptisms in Andover itself instead of being at Foxcot, Woodhouse, Little London, Charlton and Hatherden. In terms of other records there could be loyalty oaths but I haven't heard of any for Hampshire being extant. Perhaps there are freeholder books but I haven't heard any mention of those either.

Andover Poor Rate 1673

Mr. Thomas Westanell Baylife
Mr. William Wimebolton
Mr. Joseph Hinxman
Mr. Peter Blake
Mr. William Gold
Mr. Danyel Kingesmill
Mr. John Popinioy
Mr. William Gamon
Mr. Robert Noyes
Mr. John Burrard
Mrs Mary Thurman
John Kingesmell Esquire
George Bray
John Seagrove
William Palmer
Tho: Jaques
Robert Penton
Phillip Church
George Noyes
Abraham Ventham
Joseph Turner
Widd Long
Robert Tarleton
Richard Long
Tho: Richardson
John Saunders
Alexander Beale
William Butcher Senior
Mr. Robert Blake
Mr. Palmer
Tho: Web the dyer
Widd Emott and her son
Richard Jolliffe
Tho Smyth inheritor
John Gill
James Piper
Alexander Coop[er]
Mrs. Waller
Rodger Beazer
John Upton
Maurice Shipton
Mr. Jeane and Mr Corley
Mr Grove
John Dallamon
Robert Mountayne
Widd Mountayne
Richard Mountayne
Mr. Brice for himselfe
Mr. Brice for Wallers land
Tho: Bunney
Silas Watis
Zachary Schullard Senior
Georg Cornelius for Barretts land
Richard Lovegrove
Joan Vyle
Robert …….
Richard Seagrove
Tho Smyth clothier
Mr. Thornbrough
Tho Johnson
John Grogue senior and John ?
John ….mase
Richard Caraw
Richard Iremonger
John …….

The Andover Poor Rate is a list that is handy to look at working through this time period of the baptismal registers. Only Peter Blake and Robert Blake are mentioned.

Looking at all the Poor Rates that I have transcribed the Blake family:

1620 Andover Blake Mr. Peter Blake for Perwel late Mr. William Blake
1620 Andover Blake Mr. Richard Blake
1620 Andover Blake Mr. Peter Blake
1669 Andover Blake Mr. Peter Blake
1669 Andover Blake Mr. Rob[er]te Blake
1669 Woodhouse Blake Richard Clarke for old Widd Blake
1669 Enham Regis Blake Mrs. Eliz: Blake
1669 Enham Regis Blake Mrs. Joane Blake Widd
1669 Hatherden Blake Mr. Edward Blake for his land
1673 Andover Blake Mr. Peter Blake
1673 Andover Blake Mr. Robert Blake

No mention of William Blake, Clerk. By this time, I think he has sold all his leases and is living at his cousin Joseph Hinxman's in Foxcott.

The Southampton (Hampshire) Poll Book of 1710 lists Blake:

Andover Blake John
Charlton Blake Mr. John
Christ Church Blake John Gentleman
Christ Church Blake Stephen
Gosport Blake John
Hillsey Blake John
Lockerly Blake William
Lymington Blake John
Milton Blake William
Northwood Blake John
Penton Mewsy Blake Peter
Southampton Blake Alexander
St Wellow Blake Joseph

No mention of William Blake other than at Lockerly and William Blake at Foxcott was buried in 1696 so eliminates William Blake at Lockerly as William Blake Clerk. John Blake at Andover is my likely ancestor - Thomas Blake is not mentioned and I would think if he was still alive (son of John son of William) he would be mentioned (baptized 1671 and the nephew of Peter Blake magistrate). However, I shall look for further proof that Thomas Blake who married Mary Spring in 1708 at Andover was the son of John and Elizabeth Blake.

I haven't proofread the Poor Rate yet so the names may improve in spelling as I do that.

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