Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Andover to 1757

After email discussion with my sister where I talked about stopping in 1746 although the date 1757 is actually my first date at Upper Clatford, I have decided to continue working on Andover up to 1757. It is interesting how writing things down clarifies projects. The 8 Jun 1757 is the date of the marriage between Joseph Blake and Joanna King at Upper Clatford. It is highly likely that Joseph was already at Upper Clatford helping Thomas King with the farm although I have absolutely no way of knowing that. But Thomas thought a great deal of him I would surmise by the will that Thomas left where he mentions within his direct family grouping only his son in law and his two grandchildren.

Continuing on with the marriages up to 1746 today and I have reached September 1725 with 2452 marriages at Andover from the beginning of the marriage registers that I have (1587 being the first marriage in Parish Register 1). I am amazed at the distances that people are traveling to come to Andover to marry. There are some new additions to the list I posted earlier and I will update that when I complete the marriages (now to 1757). It is after all only another eleven years and I still need to find William Blake (brother of my Thomas) who lived at Andover at least from the time of the writing of the will of John Blake malster at Abbots Ann.

One of my fellow members of the Guild of one Name Studies has posted a comment (much appreciated) to correct my statement that Andover is only 30 minutes from London by car. It is actually 1 hour and 30 minutes. It just seemed such a short time when we were on the bus trip. It is good to know that for future trips when we definitely wish to visit Andover and Upper Clatford once again. I especially want to see St Marys Church at Andover.

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