Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Upper Clatford Priests

When we visited Upper Clatford in 2008 we took a picture of the list of priests and I have inserted the copy below.

Date of InstitutionSurnameForename
~of SherborneJohn
1340of StokeWilliam
1349of LeverWilliam
1564Gatenby (or Gatenbie)Anthony
1662Earbury (or Eastbury)Anthony
1782Gibbs (or Gibbes)George
1887BoydJohn William
1891AngelsmithFrancis Angel
1892NoakesArthur John
1913BenthamWalter Reid
1948In suspension
1952In suspension
1954BrowneClement Innes
1959PigottJohn Hammond
1965RichardsonJack Cyril
1977GrahamAlan Robert
1985TristramMichael Anthony
1993GilksPeter Martin
1999BroadDavid Nicholas Anthony

Anthony Gatenbie (Rector from 1564 on) must have started the registers in 1571 and they were incredibly well kept up until the early 1600s by which time one would think he was quite elderly. He has however decided that the new year begins January 1 irreguardless of what the remainder of the country is doing. However James Samborne becomes Rector in 1610 and keeps the records not quite so well but details are there and readable until 1620 regularly and then sporadically to 1625. He goes with the old style of dating with Lady Day in March beginning the New Year (around March 25). The next Rector William Hooke in 1627 does not make a single entry and the entries do not begin again until 1632 when Thomas Samborne becomes Rector. Five years seems like a long time between events so one is left to surmise that he simply didn't keep any records or they are lost. Now in the 1630s the records are again quite legible and thus far appear to be well kept. Thomas has decided to go with January 1 as the beginning of the year. Neither Anthony Gatenbie nor Thomas Samborne mark the date as oldstyle/newstyle ie. 1616/1617 for January 1 to Lady Day (March 25 approximately). This is the first time that I have had the parish records thus kept being most familiar with the Old Style prior to 1752.

I have now reached 355 baptisms as of the end of 1634. There are no Blake entries thus far but I will encounter the first Blake entry in 1635 which is Annis Blake daughter John Blake baptized 28 Dec 1635. I know there is a will by Mary Blake in 1672 stating that she lived at Upper Clatford and had a daughter Dorothy married to Edward Walderne and a son William Blake. That is the sum of the knowledge about the Blake family at Upper Clatford prior to 1757 when my line is found there. However, I do recall that Peter Blake was left a farm at Upper Clatford although I must check that as it is coming from memory!

There are 78 images in total for these parish records commencing in 1570 and ending in 1724. I almost didn't purchase them as I knew my Blake line was at Andover until 1757 but there were only two fiche and it seemed silly not to have the complete set. I am very pleased now that I did do so because when I ordered them I didn't know that my King family existed and they are at Upper Clatford from the beginning of the Registers. Now are they my direct line? That is a good question and working through the fiche might help me with that. I also have the Beaver, Coleman and the Johnson family at Upper Clatford also discovered much later. I will always purchase all early fiche now when I do so as I neglected to do so at Kimpton and must order those earlier registers.

I have now decided to purchase Quarley, Longparish, Monxton and a couple of other parishes in the next couple of months. Likely I will also purchase Weyhill, Wherwell, Chilbolton, Fyfield, Tangley at some point in the future. Eventually I will probably have all of the parishes around Andover and will have captured all the Blake records in the area prior to 1700 (at least all the ones in the registers :) ).

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