Saturday, January 22, 2011

Proofreading Penton Mewsey Parish Registers

The task of proofreading Penton Mewsey Parish Registers is almost complete. I have decided that I will enter any changes by the priest who subsequently rewrote part of the Register in 1710 as * notes. It is a second derivative copy since he copied it and then I copied his. Making a note of changes recognizes his work and since he did it less than 20 years later is a valuable addition to the Register.

I have decided to step back a little from the Blake results until I have completed all the Parish Registers. It will be a portrayal of what is there and I must mow purchase Longparish, Quarley and a few others since they are coming up constantly in the registers. I may yet find the marriage of John and Elizabeth Blake in 1684 or perhaps 1683. Her surname would be nice to have.

Other than that we have chosen all of the pictures to go in our European presentation. We managed to pare the five thousands pictures down to 500 that we really felt best depicted our trip from start to finish. I am busy putting them into Powerpoint in order to show them to our children. Usually we just show them the 5000 but really that is a lot of pictures and better to have 500 nicely labeled and spend a few  minutes on each one. It has been really easy as we already made up a list of the pictures (all named) so that I can just cut and paste.

My new Blake correspondents will be really nice to have. They are not searching my line at least not at the moment - one never knows as one reaches back in time. Our families come together in the will of John Blake in terms of his naming his heirs. Are they related? How are they related? Having the same surname Blake may not mean a direct relationship given that we now know there are at least five absolutely separate lines. There are probably more but only time will pull that information out of the woodwork.

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