Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Style and Old Style

Interesting that the priests at Upper Clatford elected to use the New Style of Calendar 100 + years earlier. However the latest priest has decided to return to the Old Style. I think I will go through and use the normal old style dating in the entire file up to the change in 1752 otherwise it is confusing to look at.

The latest priest has mentioned at the top of his page that the new style was used but he is using old style. A few new families at Upper Clatford now but most of the older families remain. I have now reached 1657 with 566 baptisms to the end of 1656. The Hearth Tax Assessment list for 1665 is proving to be quite a bit of help with Upper Clatford and almost all of the names on the list are occurring in the baptismal register. This register is different in that the baptisms, marriages and burials are kept separate from the beginning. In general I have found that they were all mixed together in the earliest registers with the priest entering events as they occurred one after the other.

Thus far there has been one Blake baptisms and I had forgotten about the Carter family as my King ancestor married Mary Carter. They too are here in the Register now. Thomas Carter appears on the Hearth Tax Assessment list. We find Thomas Carter son of Thomas Carter baptized 21 May 1643 but there are two other Carter families there as well with Henery and Michael as heads of families. I must admit to not quite understanding the Hearth Tax as it lists people who pay and people who do not pay. I assume that some people do not have an "internal" hearth but rather have a cooking shed which doesn't qualify and so they are not listed in the Hearth Tax roll. Thus far in my abstraction of the Hearth Tax rolls I have for Carter:

Charlton 437
Carter Giles
Upper Clatford 442
Carter Thomas
Abbotts Ann 443
Carter widow
Penton Mewsey 446
Carter mister
East Dean 461
Carter widow  

As I continue to abstract the information I will have a wider picture of the Carter family. Giles Carter appears to be the wealthiest and I know that he has a Grocery/Linen Shop in Andover by his will. 

I have continued to read about the 23rd Regiment of Foot and have now reached the end of the American Revolution. George Lywood who served has still not yet been born but he is baptized in 1786 and by 1807 is in the 23rd Regiment of Foot which set sail for Halifax before going to the Peninsular Wars. It is quite fascinating to read the yearly accounts of the regiment as it traveled across England into Scotland and Ireland as well as its various travels in Europe and then America.It is pretty heavy with military details and assignments but I prefer non-fiction writing so suits me well.

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