Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sacheverell as a forename

The forename Sacheverell occurs in the Charles Blake family. The earlier reference to this name is in the Robert Blake - Elizabeth Russell family. One of their sons carries this forename and I have found his baptism at Penton Mewsey in 1710. This is the time period where baptisms are missing for the Robert Blake - Elizabeth Russel family. There are children baptized up to 1702 and then from 1710 on but 1703 to 1709 does not show sny baptisms at Andover. This is the likely time period for the baptism of Charles Blake and possibly John Blake at Abbotts Ann. John is elderly when he writes his will in 1792 (probated in 1797). I do not have his marriage. I know that his wife had the forename Mary and that they had one child at least a daughter Mary.

Mary Blake is mentioned in Thomas King's will of 1762. That is one of the big mysteries of the will of John Blake and Thomas King. Why are they remembering each other's children in their respective wills? Why does John Blake give money to the Church at Upper Clatford?

The will is actually a tremendous find for the Charles Blake family as it links them to John Blake although he doesn't define the relationship but the language he uses leaves one thinking that he might be an uncle passing on his personal possession because he doesn't have a son. His daughter died in the early 1780s probably in childbirth and no other child of his own is mentioned. I assume there was just one child although need to check the register thoroughly for that to be for sure.

Of interest though he only mnentions the children of Charles first marriage to Jane Gilbert. That is a mystery as well if Charles was his nephew. Did one of his sisters marry a Gilbert? The marriage of Mary Blake to William Marshman is very interesting as he describes these as his close kin (his sister's children perhaps. This makes me think I am on the right track thinking that John is a son of Robert Blake and Elizabeth Russell.

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