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Magewike (Magwyck, Madgwick) and Charley Families

I continued pulling information out of available sources on the Magewike family. The Hampshire Lay Subsidy 1586 revealed four individuals with this surname: Alice at Dummer is a widow, Walter also at Dummer. John is at Overtonn and some think this is the father of my Dorothy (b c 1589 Overtonn) and married to William Blake 6 Feb 1606 at Andover. Nicholas (son of John and Mary Magewick) is mentioned at Winchester under landes and it is "the heirs of Nicholas Magewike" (he died in 1564). Robert Magewick is at Alton.

The wills of John (died 1538) and Mary (died 1546) are transcribed on the Strudwicke one name study webpages. Mary Magewick of Totford within the parish of Micheldever in her will of 1546 (probate 9 Apr 1546) mentions her sons Gregory and Nicholas and a daughter Margaret who is married. Wife of Gregory is Marjorye and they have children - one eldest son is mentioned. Both Margaret and Nicholas have children as well. A Raffe Magewick is mentioned. John Madgwick of Northington, Hants in his will of 1538 (probate 6 June 1538) mentions his son Gregory, his daughter Margaret Strodwick (Strudwicke) and his son Nicholas. Also mentioned John Maghwyk and his siblings (no relationship stated).

I also worked on the Charley family of Devon as my John Pincombe married Mary Charlie at Bishops Nympton 8 Nov 1767 and she is one of my brickwalls. The priest has listed both as of this parish. She was not baptized at Bishops Nympton. I extracted all the Charley family records from the Freeholder Books and put them together into families. As I worked away at this and extracted the parish records from the IGI I realized that I had one large family grouping centered at Braunton Hundred (mostly at Kentisbury near Barnstaple) and using the IGI I could relate them father to son.

It is possible that Richard is the father of Mary although no baptism has been found that would fit the dates. Richard is the son of John Charley and Elizabeth Richards (married circa 1694). But also there is a Mary daughter of Hugh Charley and Mary baptized 21 Sep 1735 at Arlington, Devon which would make her 32 when she was married (John was 39) and her last child was born in 1778 when she would have been 43 which is within probability. However, no son in this family was named Hugh - children of John Pincombe and Mary Charley were: John b 1768, William b 1769, Mary b 1771, Grace b 1773, Robert b 1775 (my 3x great grandfather), and Thomas b 1778. Nor was a son called Richard although Robert named his 6th son Richard.

Mary is a late birth for Hugh and Mary (it would appear that Hugh died in 1739 (baptized 1676 so 63 when he died as his son John takes over the freehold) as their other children were baptized in 1710, 1712, and 1714 with a daughter Mary being baptized in 1712. Checking the parish records for Kentisbury would be a good next step as they begin in 1674. There is a Mary Charley married to an unknown Charley 8 Apr 1733 at Trentishoe Devon. John Charley and Elizabeth Richards also had a daughter Mary baptized in 1719 but she would have been 48 in 1767 when John Pincombe and Mary Charlie married so unlikely as the last child of that marriage was baptized in 1778 when she would have been 59.

I think I will purchase Kentisbury and Trentishoe PRs to have a look at them. Hugh Charley and John Charley are brothers and sons of John Charley and Charity and both were baptized at Kentisbury. This Charley family also had freeholds at Coombe Martin which is close to Trentishoe. There is one baptism for a Nancy Charley (daughter of William and Mary Charley) 17 Sep 1744 at Trentishoe. There is a patron entry on the IGI of a marriage about 1834 at Trentishoe between William Charley and Maria Jule. Perhaps the first Mary Charley died in childbirth which may have resulted in Hugh Charley and Charity his wife choosing to name this late child Mary especially as she was baptized in 1735 (after their daughter had died since her husband remarried).

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