Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Results of Research at Salt Lake City - 9 Dec 2008

Reading Adam's Curse by Bryan Sykes proved to most interesting and I have completed almost half of the book now. Little summaries of the Seven Daughters of Eve and Saxons, Vikings and Celts appear throughout the book and are most helpful otherwise I would have had to sit there with all three books since he does refer back to his earlier research whilst bringing in later research work. I have the good fortune to have two perfect matches at the HVRI level on his Blood of the Isles Database and these two individuals are located in Argyll Scotland. On the Oxford Ancestors Database I have three similar matches and these individuals (2 female, 1 male) are all located in Ireland. Matching me at both the HVRI and HVRII level I have four individuals who all trace their ancestry back to the Scot-Irish migration to the Carolinas in 1772 from County Antrim Ireland. The one ancestress was Rebecca Martin who married Alexander Pedan and so her ancestry from that point downward is well recorded. The Pedan family were Scot Irish but the Martin family appears in Ireland and Scotland. The leader of the trip was the Reverend William Martin but any association between these two people is unknown at this point in time. Another match that I have interestingly enough is with an individual known to have been in Sweden for centuries. Then with my Full Genetic Scan I have two individuals who match me (except for two in the Control Region) perfectly and they are in Ossetia. Not matching in the Control Region is interesting because this is where change occurs and one wonders if my group left before a particular mutation occurred which, if provable, would give one a peak into the past with regard to the migration of their ancestor to Neolithic Britain. I co-administer the H11 project at FT-DNA and we have over 1/3rd of our people with completed FGS - no matches for me yet but interesting results for others.

Today I continue with transcribing the Chittlehampton Parish Registers that I photographed at Salt Lake City. The Pincombe information is most interesting to me but I decided to build an excel file of all the pages that I photographed although it is not complete. It will give me a birds eye view of the parish in several time periods and, at a later date, I can purchase the parish registers for Chittlehampton if I feel it is warranted.

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