Tuesday, December 23, 2008

1911 English Census

Spent yesterday and today beta testing the 1911 English Census on Find My Past. It is quick and easy to use and once Hampshire was available I found my father and his parents and downloaded the original image (very good quality). I also opened the transcription of his Uncle Jack and family who lived next door to them and included my father's youngest uncle who was boarding with them. Downloaded all the Pincombe and Siderfin entries to a database for my one name studies. Worked my way through the Siderfin and only two of the eighteen have me still thinking. There are only 18 members of the Siderfin family on the census thus far but there are still a couple of counties to come (Somerset in particular although they were mostly gone from Selworthy by 1900). I was hoping to find the place of birth in the index and it will be missed although year of birth is there. The place was handy on the 1901 census when it first came up. I also sorted through some of the marriages for the Rew family that I couldn't determine before from Free BMD. I found three new children for my grandfather's oldest sister. My great grandparents Blake though are a bit confusing and I shall wait until later to open those entries. I know that he died at Goodworth Clatford in 1916 but do not have a death date for Maria Jane yet. I found Samuel Knight (my 2 x great grandfather at Turnworth) and he is the last of my father's great grandparents to be alive after 1911. All of his grandparents are alive on the 1911 census.

The stollen didn't get started yesterday so will be a today event once my husband and eldest daughter return from skiing. I am still a little under the weather and on medicine now so should soon be out there skiing with them! Present are all wrapped now and under the tree. There will be five of us plus the dogs and rabbit making eight. The turkey is thawing and we will have sausage and bread stuffing.

I bought fiche for myself and then when people asked what to give me I let them give me my fiche so haven't seen Molland, Merton or Landkey yet. I have had a look at Rose Ash though and quickly discovered that my Alexander Vicary was Alexander Vicary junior and his baptism was too early for the beginning of the register. His father was not John though since John married too late to be his father after all. His father must have been Alexander Vicary senior and I have his burial date and he was churchwarden at the time that Alexander junior was likely born. They were landowners though so can now go to the land records to learn more about the Vicary family. Finding their marriages though is not easy although have found that Mary was the wife of my Christopher Vicary from the burial records. His mother was Mary Bray but I am not sure if she was one of the Bray families at Rose Ash (there are two) or at North Molton where there are ten. Reading the register more closely might help with that.

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