Thursday, December 11, 2008

Results of Research at Salt Lake City - 11 Dec 2008

I have 40 images of the Chittlehampton Bishop's Transcripts (full pages) and have now completed over half of them for a total of 500 line entries in my Excel file. I hadn't photographed the pages with that in mind actually as my intent was simply to collect all the Pincombe entries for my one-name study. However, it will be interesting to have this overview of Chittlehampton in the 1600s. A few Somerset records are next and then the Manor Books for Upper Clatford. I needed to get back into reading Secretary hand to work on those records and as I glance at them occasionally I am finding them easier to read. That will be at least two weeks of transcription to transcribe those records but will provide me with a very close birds eye view of Upper Clatford. The Blake family were there at various times between the early 1500s and the mid 1700s when my Joseph Blake moved there from Andover.

I completed Bryan Sykes's book Adam's Curse. An excellent read for the budding DNA enthusiast looking at UK families. He does tend to concentrate on his own blood lines but still the author feels drawn into his discussions as they give an interesting picture of possible scenarios on life in Neolithic British Isles. I want to write a Review of his three books - The Seven Daughters of Eve, Adam's Curse and Saxons, Vikings, and Celts for the Ottawa Branch Newsletter next edition in 2009.

Today I will continue with Chittlehampton Parish Register Bishop's Transcripts and also do a little work on the Abbots Ann fiche. Still pursuing the Pearce family of Abbots Ann and their relationship with the Coleman family there plus the newfound relationship between the Farmer family and the Hapgood families of Collingbourne Kingston. Still working on the Farmer family there as it appears to be a good possibility for my Isaac Farmer line.

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