Sunday, December 14, 2008

Results of Research at Salt Lake City - 14 Dec 2008

Yesterday I completed the Protestation Returns for West Harnham, Britford and East Harnham and partial for Foffant. I thought I might find my Lywood family at Foffant along with the Baylie and Deart family but I am still transcribing these records. I also have the Enford, Milston and other returns in the area of these two to transcribe. Likely it will take me about a week to transcribe all of the Wiltshire Protestation Returns that I photographed. I know that my Rawlings family were at Enford from 1742 on but do not know where they were located prior to that although I am going to order the Enford Parish Register fiche just to be sure that they were not at Enford back in the 1600s. Since Jeremiah went all the way to Tilshead to marry it is certainly reasonable that his father William may well have married at Wylye and the marriage to Mary Ford is the correct one for this line.

I am starting to sort through the parish register fiche for the parishes of Enford, Milston, Netheravon, Woodford and Little Cheverell to select the copies that I want to purchase. As well I want to purchase some from Hampshire so am looking at Kimpton (I photographed the bishops transcripts but they are quite sparse so will purchase the actual parish register fiche for the years that I do not currently have). I also have the list for Fyfield where my Rawlings also lived, for St Mary Bourne where I want to look at Lambden, Longparish which is just a pursuit of Blake entries and I may leave this one for a bit, Weyhill and Wherwell are the same as Longparish. That leaves Hurstbourne Tarrant and Hurstborne Priors where I want to look at the Pearce family although I think that mine is from Abbots Ann and Collingbourne Kingston and may look at Collingbourne Kingston first so need to get the specs for this parish from the Wiltshire Record Office.

One of my projects though for this week is to complete my list of my records - I have listed all my CDs so just need to list all my fiche to give to Christ Church Anglican Archives. I will eventually donate them all there as I do not think that Library and Archives Canada would want such a selective set of records. I will look at both though so that they will have the maximum possible use. I also want to get back at my listing of the Bishops Nympton Parish Records. I just have the easier section to do now although it involves most of the fiche - the first four fiche produced over 250 pages of text (single spaced) but the next 25 will not produce nearly as much in comparison as they are all forms now for Baptisms, Marriages and Burials.

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