Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Results of Research at Salt Lake City - 3 Dec 2008

First full morning of working on the protestation returns for Braintree. I am proofreading them. It is a slow process because I have never worked on this parish or even looked at this parish in my five years of doing Genealogy other than noticing that my husband had a number of ancestors who left Braintree during the 1630s and 1640s. I thought it would be interesting to give him the transcription for Christmas and I should complete it in time now.

I sent back my request to the Leicestershire Registry Office for the fiche of the parish registers of Castle Donnington and Loughborough (All Saints) to assist me in looking at my Cheatle family. This family has now become one of my new brickwalls and actually always has been. I found Sarah Cheatle quite early on in my research and her baptism at Ashby de la Zouch but have never been able to get back further in time with them. My work at Salt Lake City let me look at Ashby de la Zouch and sort out the three William Cheatles who were having children there at that time and to verify that they were three different men, that one of the Williams has a brother Benjamin with father Henry and this is not my line as Sarah isn't mentioned in the 1807 will of Henry as a daughter of William. The other William is definitely younger as he only begins to have children in the 1790s and continues to the midteens of the 1800s. Sarah is the last child of the William and Sarah Cheatle family and interestingly there is a burial for a Sarah Cheatle in 1793 (no age given, no parents but the register is quite brief for burials unfortunately). I do have the Cheatle family at Castle Donnington with a daughter Sarah and I am left to wonder if this is my Cheatle family. I hope to learn more with the registers. I also took a bit of time and mapped the twelve Cheatle males on the Freemen's list from the 1700s and found that there were three main areas where they lived with a cluster at each one. They are all on a radius from Loughborough and many of their family events occur at Loughborough. My thought is that my line was in the Castle Donnington area. Next time we are at Salt Lake City I will photograph the Poor Law Records for Castle Donnington. That was one bit of homework I should have done in advance as I already owned all of the material that I needed to produce these charts. It would have saved me time there and probably aided my research. They got missed in my research plan. My research plan for each day consisted of a minimum ten items and usually twenty. When I got back home I found that I accomplished between 80 to 100% of each day's work which I felt was quite good since I had never been there before. It is so easy to find the film and you are allowed to take back as many reels as you want (usually I only took 5 but sometimes for a long run I had 10).

Back to sleep again as my energy level is a little low still. Unfortunately I slipped and hit my ribcage and when we went off to the physician for my illness (related to my nervous disorder) I thought he was sending me off for an x-ray of my shoulder but actually it was an xray of an adnexal mass on my right ovary so I still do not know if I cracked a rib. I appear to be improving. Last night I had a dream where I remembered the ob/gyn that delivered our first daughter telling me about an adnexal mass on my right ovary 34 years ago - amazing thing dreams. I shall have to wait and see on that one.


Andy5555 said...

I have a tree of Castle Donnington Cheatles created by a cousin in the late 1950s that goes back to William and Sarah (Woodcock). I believe they were Baptists and the surname was sometimes written as Chettle.
Happy to share (and learn!)

Elizabeth Kipp said...

Very interested in learning about the descendants of William Cheatle and Sarah Woodcock. Thank you for commenting and sorry for the delay. I only just discovered that I receive comments!