Saturday, December 13, 2008

Results of Research at Salt Lake City - 13 Dec 2008

Completed Chittlehampton images for the bishop's transcripts. About 1400 entries with 30 entries for Pincombe extending from an entry in 1577 (Helen daughter of Richard Pincombe)to the mid 1700s with the deaths of the older Pincombe members living at Chittlehampton which is rather interesting. My Richard Pincombe is at Bishops Nympton in 1599 baptizing his son William (my 8x great grandfather), his daughter Ann died in 1598, his wife Ann died in 1601 and he remarried in 1603 (Francis Gill). There are two Richard Pincombes of whom I am aware - both born at or near North Molton (1545 and 1570 - the first is the son of Thomas Pencombe and Johane and is an Uncle to the second one who is the son of William Pincombe and Emotte Snow (at East Buckland)).

Started work on the Dunster Somerset Poor Law Records and will set that aside in favour of the Protestation Returns for Wiltshire. I want to order the parish register fiche for Wiltshire next and now have the itemized sheets back for Enford, Little Cheverell, Milston, Netheravon and Woodford. I want to ask them for itemized sheets for Collingbourne Kingston, Langford and Ludgershall next. I will likely order the complete sets for the earlier registers for the five parishes. This has proven to be the easiest way to look at my families there and, in some cases, the Family History Library only has the Bishop's Transcripts (Devon is one example and Dorset) which tend to be incomplete although they do have the Poor Law Records which are most complete and very interesting reading.

I had thought to begin on Upper Clatford Manorial Records but I am keen to see the Protestation Returns for Wiltshire so will turn to those images next.

Getting ready for Christmas, the Christmas tree is now up and the Creche. We look very decorated and our eldest will soon be home for Christmas. Her train was canceled yesterday due to an ice storm but it should come today although it is delayed which means a late arrival at Montreal and even later coming here.

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