Sunday, December 7, 2008

Results of Research at Salt Lake City - 7 Dec 2008

I completed proofreading the Presentation Returns for Braintree (I still have 25 names to continue querying in a total of 574 - a very large parish) for my husband. An enormous variety of names in this parish which is 41 miles northeast of London, England. My husband has a number of ancestors who emigrated to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in the 1630s and 1640s from Braintree including the Loomis family.

Other than my rather sore ribs where I fell I am feeling improved from my bout of illness so will now plot out the next few weeks of looking at the old records. However, I received from the Routledge group a rather interesting 20 pages of Routledge wills from the 1500s and 1600s. I will put together a chart of all that information today and see if it can assist me at all. Definitely it will change one concept that I had. I had thought that my Todholes Routledge family and my Oakshaw Routledge family were closely related (both descend from a James Routledge) but the wills would certainly show that there isn't a close relationship 100 years earlier than I had originally thought from the registers. It is always better to find more than one source for documentation.

I had thought about starting my Certified Genealogist application to the Board of Certified Genealogists this winter and may still do so. My hesitation is my short time in the field of genealogy (five years) although I have now experienced most of the major repositories for collections that deal with my ancestors on this side of the Atlantic. A visit to Kew is absolutely essential on our next trip to England and then I think I would feel ready to be a Certified Genealogist - it is sort of one thing to be able to do all the written work and researching but another to be fluent in the language which is only acquired through years of research which I quite appreciate. My logic in acquiring the CG now was more to support the family research that I am doing although I have done some teaching, research and writing for my small publishing business. Initially I had considered working full time as a genealogist but my shoulder injury made me rethink those ideas and retire.

Going back to my Salt Lake City images now, I will perhaps do a quick overview once again of all the material that I have collected and then a look at the material of which I have completed transcription. I can then make a plan for the next stage of transcribing. With the Christmas season my time will get chopped up somewhat but a plan will move me smoothly through the holidays and into the working time of January.

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