Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bishop Nympton Parish Register continued

I continued transcribing the parish registers for Bishops Nympton and now up to 1782 marriages. I will try to complete to 1812 this week and then I will have all of the entries from the beginning of the register to 1812 for baptisms, marriages and burials. Discovered that two pages are missing from the microfiche so a total of eight marriages have gone missing. I will write the Record Office to see if the pages were missed when they were microfilmed. Perhaps I can obtain the information for inclusion in my records although I do not think that any of my families marriages are missing.

Christmas shopping today and with the bus strike the traffic is horrendous. I was up at 7:00 a.m. and already the traffic was bumper to bumper and moving very slowly on the street behind us. Fortunately none of us has to make the great trek in today. A fresh snowfall is also part of the problem as well as the bus strike. Hopefully they will resolve the strike soon.

Looking very like Christmas out the window - a beautiful sight with fresh white snow on all the trees and buildings. It is lovely living in the snow in the winter but a lot of work. We will soon have our snowshoes and skies out for a good run. Skating on the canal by January possibly if the cold weather keeps us. We need about three weeks of minus 20 to make a really good ice rink on the canal (8 kilometres of skating).

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