Friday, December 12, 2008

Results of Research at Salt Lake City - 12 Dec 2008

Three images of the 40 for Chittlehampton left to complete today. Over 1100 entries to give me a birds eye view of Chittlehampton in the 17th century with respect to the Pincombe family. Their occupation was woolcomber which was unexpected from the charts that I was given which implied that this family was yeoman class in this time period at Chittlehampton (similar to members at South Molton/North Molton and Bishops Nympton). I had hoped to learn more about the Pincombe family when I was in Salt Lake City and did find a number of films and books that gave me a visual of this family's spread during the 1500s and 1600s since they are known to have arrived in the North Molton area in 1485. DNA testing on two samples now shows the line at Bishops Nympton may be related to the line at Barnstaple but further testing and more testers is needed to really make any conclusions in that regard. However, the line is the anticipated R1b1b12a which marks them as West Atlantic Modal Group. Early records appear to indicate that this family had lived at Pencombe Herefordshire prior to 1485. Why they moved to the North Molton area with Lord de la Zouch could perhaps be explained by historical events. Richard III was defeated at Bosworth Field and Henry VII became King of England. In 1598, John Pincombe became Sheriff of South Molton (appointed by Queen Elizabeth I).

The next set of documents to look at transcribing will be the Manor Books for Upper Clatford. These are in Secretary hand and may yet wait until later but I will spend a little time on them today as I am keen on having them transcribed. I would also like to do the Protestation Returns for Wiltshire that I photographed as they will be quite helpful in tracing back on the Rawlings and perhaps even Blake line.

Watched the movie "The Black Knight" and it is quite a change from the Batman movies of the 1950s. It is the first modern Batman movie that I have seen. We rented four movies in total for this weekend. We are movie watchers having purchased about 1000 VCRs when they were so popular (and fortunately we still have machines to play them on!). We have purchased DVDs but not in nearly so great a quantity. I had planned to watch a movie a day when I retired which was why I purchased so many. I was watching a movie a day but this last year I have been totally distracted by genealogy. I think though that I will start to set aside a couple of hours every afternoon for a movie.

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